December Daily part 4 day 22 to 31

Part 4 of my December Daily day 22 to 31. I loved doing this album and I am doing one in December again!



December Daily part 3 day 14-21

Part 3 of my December Daily.



We started a new tradition! We got together the whole family and put all of us in different teams to decorate a gingerbreadhouse. Our kitchen was a mess afterwards but it was so much fun to see all the kids age 7 to 19 and their parents working together. We will do it in December again!

This is my favourite place in our house. I can just sit next to it and relax!


December Daily part 2

My December Daily album part 2, day 7- 13


We love to read and every Christmas we put all our books about Christmas in a basket by the fireplace.

Our Christmas tree is full of memories, we buy something for the tree on every vacation. The kids each have their own box of things to put up in the tree.

Pauline loves to sing and she is a great singer!