Mitt ord 2017, My word 2017

Under 2017 valde jag ordet TACKSAM att scrappa. Jag gjorde 12 layouter.


During 2017 I chose the word GRATEFUL to scrap! I made 12 pages.



I år blir det utforska som ord och förhoppningsvis 12 layouter.

I will try to do 12 pages in 2018 with the word explore.


Tags till December Daily 2017


I made tags like Ali Edwards to put in my December Daily 2017. My questions to my family to answer are:

Favourite  Christmas food, favourite Christmas drink, favourite Christmas candy, favourite Christmas gift and favourite Christmas memory.

Close ups!

December Daily part 3 day 14-21

Part 3 of my December Daily.



We started a new tradition! We got together the whole family and put all of us in different teams to decorate a gingerbreadhouse. Our kitchen was a mess afterwards but it was so much fun to see all the kids age 7 to 19 and their parents working together. We will do it in December again!

This is my favourite place in our house. I can just sit next to it and relax!