Love, miss last summer!

I found a beautiful sketch at Sketchabilities and a great moodboard at Scrap around the world and I had to sit down and do some scrapbooking!

I wanted to use a photo from last summer when I and my son were having fun in the water. He is such a special boy who touches my heart in such a special way.




You can find the sketch here:  I love this one! downloadfile

This is the moodboard from:

I was very inspired by the text. It is just what I want to tell my son, who has a lot of difficulties in life with allergies and other things. He is so full of love and love will make him succed in life. And the colours I just love them.




Natural Hair

I used one of my favourite pictures of my daughter when she just got her natural hair and no extensions.She thinks she looks like a boy with her hair like this. I want her to know she is beautiful every day no matter how her hair is.

Polly natural hair

Polly natural hair 2

Polly natural hair3

Polly natural hair4

I was inspired by Scrap around the worlds moodboard. You can find it here.

I was inspired by the green colour and the picture of the hair.


I used the sketch from I loved the sketch.


I hope you liked my layout!

// Caroline


Att scrappa barnens skolfoto är kul. Jag brukar försöka få till en liten intervju med barnen om favoriterna just det året. Ibland blir det mer ibland mindre. Idag blev det mindre skrivet!

I think it is fun to scrap my kids school photo every year. I usually interview them about their school year. Sometimes I write a lot and sometimes it is just a little.

I made this layout with inspiration from Scrap around the world`s challange mood board. I loved the roses on it and the text about letting go. My little baby is turning 10 this summer and I have to learn how to balance between protecting her and letting her grow up…

She is wearng her favourite colour so I had to scrap in purple! Not my favourite but I think it went ok!


006R 016R


I hope you all have a wonderful day!

// Caroline

Scrap around the world challange

When I saw this moodboard I just thought of love and being together at .


Christin february moodboard

I visited my grandmother , who is 88 years old now and we were looking in her photoalbums and I saw two pictures of my grandmother and grandfather with their dog Peggy and I knew straight away that they would be perfect to this challange. They all look so handsome and I made a canvas so my grandmother can look at the pictures everyday!

I choose the blue and grey colors to symbolize the cold winter day it was.  I tried to keep the darker colors at the bottom of the canvas just like the cake on the moodboard!

The flowers I made by with some papers I found in my stack of small pieces of paper I keep on my desk.

The big heart symbolises the love between them. I used my so loved panpastels to create all the different colors on my page.

The photos were taken in April 1969.

Close up!


DSC_0887 And the canvas that now is on the wall at my grandmas house, my grandpa is not alive anymore but I think he would love it!


I hope you all have a great weekend!