Candles tutorial


I am going to try to do my first tutorial!

I will show you how I do when I decorate candles.

This is what you need:

  1. Candle
  2. heat gun
  3. stamps
  4. stamping ink
  5. sandwichpaper
  6. oven mitt, you might  burn your hand otherwise.

Put the sandwich paper on your desk

Select the stamp of you choice

Stamp and cut out the image, you do not need to cut it on the lines!

I colored the hearts with a gold pen.

Put the images on the candle.

Take a sandwich paper and fold around the candle.

Put on your oven mitt  and turn on your heat gun for about 10-30 seconds. You unfold the paper and check if your images are stuck on the candle.


Unfold it!

And now your candle are done!

This is a candle my daughter made yesterday, she is 12 years old and I only helped her with the heat gun.

Please be careful with the candles, do not leave them unmonitored.

I hope you liked this, if you have any questions please contact me and I will try to answer them!




En regnig sommar gör att jag får tid att scrappa, något bra med regnandet!

Nästan alla mina julstämplar fick jobba!  Jag har skrivit om hur tacksam jag är för alla jultraditioner vi har i vår familj, hur hela familjen är engagerad och hur mycket jul vi har i vårt hus!

En närbild!

Detta är layout nummer 32 i min 100 utmaning.