Det är många som tar studenten i år!

Här är mina tre första studentkort, det lär bli några stycken innan den 9 juni.

Insidan på kort 2.

Insidan på kort 3.

Kort nummer 3-5 i min utmaning.


My beautiful daughter

Once again Let’s get sketchy had a great sketch, that I just had to do. I found an old photo of our beautiful daughter, it is from Midsummer in 2010, I think.

I used distresser to make the stars on the background.

A close up on the title.

You can find the sketch here:

Number 15 out of 100 in my challenge.


Once more Let’s get sketchy put up a great sketch! I love their sketches!


I used a lot of washitape on the butterflies, on the titel and on my page! Jenny Sandberg took this great picture of the whole family.

You can find this great sketch here:

Number 12 in my challenge to do 100 pages before December 31 2017.