Isidor och Pauline

I found this old photo of Isidor and Pauline and then I found this challange at CSI case 154 you can find it here:

I was really inspired by the colours.

Is och polly

I painted a black cardstock with white paint, used my lovely red pan pastel to make my dots. The papers I used is just small pieces of papers that I have in my pile of scrap! I stamped with black ink and finally I took small red pearls and put them on a string.

Is och polly2

Here you can see my inspiration!


Go and look for some good inspiration over at CSI!

Is och polly3


Natural Hair

I used one of my favourite pictures of my daughter when she just got her natural hair and no extensions.She thinks she looks like a boy with her hair like this. I want her to know she is beautiful every day no matter how her hair is.

Polly natural hair

Polly natural hair 2

Polly natural hair3

Polly natural hair4

I was inspired by Scrap around the worlds moodboard. You can find it here.

I was inspired by the green colour and the picture of the hair.


I used the sketch from I loved the sketch.


I hope you liked my layout!

// Caroline