Att scrappa barnens skolfoto är kul. Jag brukar försöka få till en liten intervju med barnen om favoriterna just det året. Ibland blir det mer ibland mindre. Idag blev det mindre skrivet!

I think it is fun to scrap my kids school photo every year. I usually interview them about their school year. Sometimes I write a lot and sometimes it is just a little.

I made this layout with inspiration from Scrap around the world`s challange mood board. I loved the roses on it and the text about letting go. My little baby is turning 10 this summer and I have to learn how to balance between protecting her and letting her grow up…

She is wearng her favourite colour so I had to scrap in purple! Not my favourite but I think it went ok!


006R 016R


I hope you all have a wonderful day!

// Caroline

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