It is in your hands…

When we were in South Africa two years ago we visited Cradle of Human Kind. We all loved it, all the kids and the adults too! When our youngest and oldest stood with their hands in Nelson Mandela’s ”hands” and Leo explained to Pauline what the sign said and what it meant to him, he also tried to explain who Nelson Mandela were, it was a very precious moment that I am so happy  got a picture of.

This year we will try to live after these words ”It is in your hands…” it will be a challenge because t is easier to blame someone else than to work with it by yourself!


I named it HÄNDER and it has two meanings to it both hands and it happens so I thought that it would be a good name to a simple page with a lot of emotions in! Thank you I love your blog!




8 thoughts on “It is in your hands…

  1. A wonderful memory to have and I love how you have scrapped it. We have a very beautiful country here and so glad you got to visit it…Thanks for playing along with us at Scrap Africa.


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