Dagens skörd av layouter!

I really feel inspired right now so I made two more pages today!

On this one I painted with a stick to make it look like seaweed.


Close ups of my decorations.


3b 3c

This one I made very fast. It didn´t take me more than 30 minutes, sometimes everything belong somewhere straight away!

This is also with photos from our South Africa trip last year.

4 4a


Have a nice day!



Finally I scrap again


Finally I scrap again!  Thank you http://scrapafrica.blogspot.se/ I love your challenges.

Today I made a page with my lovely daughter with a picture of us when we are back in South Africa visiting her adoption agency. She was feeling sad and just wanted to sit as close as she could. There were a lot of emotions running through her head at this moment.


This a close up of the flower where I wrote some encouraging words to my daughter and told her much we love her. I choose a flower because at that moment she was as fragile as a flower.  



The next page I made is with an old photo of my oldest sun playing in the snow. He is three or four years old when the picture were taken and now he is 15!! It was so fun to scrap this old photo, it brought back so many memories.



Thank you Scrap Africa for all the inspiration!